Tue. May 21st, 2024


Justice Qazi Faez Isa’s appointment as the new Chief Justice has generated significant anticipation and optimism among legal scholars, activists, and the general public. As he takes on this pivotal role, many are hopeful that his tenure will prioritize and uphold the supremacy of the Constitution in Pakistan.

Justice Isa’s distinguished career and reputation for upholding the rule of law have contributed to these high expectations. His commitment to constitutional principles, judicial independence, and justice for all citizens has been evident in his previous judgments and legal activism. This background has fueled hopes that he will steer the judiciary towards ensuring that the Constitution is upheld as the highest legal authority in the country.

The supremacy of the Constitution is a fundamental tenet of any democracy, and its preservation is essential for the protection of citizens’ rights and the rule of law. During his time as Chief Justice, Justice Isa is expected to address key legal and constitutional challenges, including issues related to human rights, due process, and the separation of powers.

Additionally, Justice Isa’s appointment is seen as an opportunity to strengthen the credibility and integrity of the judiciary. His reputation for fairness and impartiality is expected to promote public confidence in the legal system and the judiciary’s ability to serve as a check on executive and legislative powers.

In conclusion, Justice Qazi Faez Isa’s ascension to the position of Chief Justice is met with high hopes for the promotion and preservation of the supremacy of the Constitution in Pakistan, which is crucial for the country’s democratic institutions and the protection of citizens’ rights. His tenure is likely to be closely watched and evaluated by both legal experts and the general public as he navigates the complex legal landscape of the nation.

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