Tue. May 21st, 2024


The appointment of Jazeela Aslam as the Supreme Court’s “first-ever” woman registrar marks a significant milestone in the history of Pakistan’s judiciary. This development is a positive step forward in promoting gender diversity and inclusivity within the country’s highest court.

Jazeela Aslam’s appointment not only showcases her own accomplishments and qualifications but also signals a broader commitment to gender equality within the judicial system. As the registrar of the Supreme Court, she will play a crucial role in the administration of justice, overseeing important administrative and procedural matters.

Her appointment may serve as an inspiration to other women pursuing careers in law and judiciary, encouraging them to aspire to high-ranking positions within the legal profession. It also sends a message about the importance of having diverse voices and perspectives at all levels of decision-making, which can contribute to a more inclusive and just legal system.

In addition to her administrative responsibilities, Jazeela Aslam’s presence in this role may also contribute to a more gender-sensitive and equitable approach to legal matters within the Supreme Court, addressing issues that disproportionately affect women and marginalized communities.

Overall, Jazeela Aslam’s appointment as the first woman registrar of the Supreme Court is a notable achievement, and it reflects a positive shift towards greater gender diversity and inclusivity within Pakistan’s judiciary. It is a step that may lead to broader positive changes within the legal profession and the justice system in the country.

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